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  1. Hi Julie,

    The new charts look great! I typically do my anchor charts on chart paper and just throw them away at the end of the year. Your charts are so beautiful and look like they are done on thicker paper. Are you able to make charts, laminate them, and keep them for more than one year? If so, do you just create them on construction paper?

    As always, thanks for sharing!! Your website is such a wonderful resource!!


    • Hey Tammy,

      I’m crazy for laminating, that’s for sure! I always re-made charts with every group of kids – I think ownership is the key to any anchor chart. When I made the decision to move into a coaching role, I did save all of my charts so that I could share them with teachers who might be looking for examples. Now when I make new charts, it is for the same modeling purposes. I don’t usually laminate them anymore, though. 🙂

      As far as the paper goes, I love Melissa & Doug’s Easel Pads. I use them for all of my charts because they’re smaller than normal chart paper, and they’re also thicker, so the markers don’t bleed through.

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