Change is hard. And necessary. And awesome. 

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Change isn’t exactly my favorite thing. Beginnings are scary, and endings are sad, and I’m often too impatient to give hope a chance to float up in the middle.

Despite my hesitation, some of my best learning experiences in life (learning to walk, riding a bike, learning to swim) began with letting go, so I’m doing my best to be brave as I take a leap out of all I’ve ever known in education and try something new.

I have learned a lifetime’s worth of knowledge in the last nine years in my current district as both a teacher and a literacy coach, and I will certainly leave a big part of my heart at Greene Elementary. But earlier today, I officially signed my new contract with a new school district, where I will be a 4th grade Reading and Writing teacher. I’m thrilled to go back to the classroom and apply all of the stellar training I’ve had over the last six years, and I’m equally terrified that I won’t have a clue what I’m doing once I get there.

My new school is breathtakingly beautiful, and it’s SO much closer to home. And perhaps best of all, my sweet friend Rachel (whose anchor charts have always been your favorites, according to my Pinterest data) will be right down the street wading through all of this newness with me. We got our email addresses and badges today. No going back now! #parkinglotselfie #changeisgood #hahajkchangeishard

I’m not going away, but this page may change directions a bit. I honestly haven’t thought that far ahead yet. Stay tuned!

2 thoughts on “Change is hard. And necessary. And awesome. 

  1. Julie, congrats but CCISD is going to miss you. I so appreciated your summer workshops and your classes. Thanks so much and keep blogging. Renee – FPE!

  2. Julie this is another chapter and you will be enriched in ways you can’t even know yet! It’s such a blessing that you have a close friend by your side. New is scary new is thrilling too, so just keep doing what you do best a curious learner who keeps students at the center. Good luck keep us posted.

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