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Friends, I have to ask for all of the prayers, good thoughts, and well-wishes you have to offer for a friend and colleague of mine.  She is a fabulous fifth grade teacher at the school where I used to work – she teaches reading and writing, and her kids are SO lucky to have her.  Last April, she and her husband lost their four-year-old son Cade after he collapsed on the field during soccer practice.  He died of a heart condition that they were completely unaware of.  We were all so shaken, but their faith was an inspiration.  They immediately had their 11-month old daughter Addi tested and found out that she had the same condition.  She was placed on the heart transplant list last November and had a defibrillator put in in January, and we all prayed for the day they would receive the life-saving call.

Last week, sweet Addi’s heart stopped beating during a routine check-up, and she was placed on life support.  She made miraculous gains, astounding everyone, and as of Thursday, she was even up and moving.  But yesterday, God called precious Addi home.  She is no doubt rejoicing with her brother, and I am sure they are the cutest angels in Heaven, but that makes it no less heartbreaking.  Please, please, pray for this amazing family, and hug your loved ones a little tighter today.

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