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I might have a new favorite entry in my writer’s notebook! I finished my thumbprint biography last night, and I’m really pleased with how it turned out. I love the idea of doing this with older students, but I’m not going to lie. It took me a lot of trial and error to get my thumbprint blown up on the copier. If I can figure out how to streamline that, I may try to convince a teacher at my school to try this project with me. Here is my finished product:


11 thoughts on “Thumbprint Biography

    • Hey Tammy,

      I haven’t tried this with kids yet, but I definitely will! The hardest part was getting my thumbprint blown up large enough without a total loss of clarity. Once I figure out a better system for that, I will certainly share. 🙂

    • Miss you too! I am updating as often as possible and still feel like its not enough….I never could figure out the whole daily blogging thing – I just don’t have much left to say! 🙂

  1. Just a thought… I wonder if you could scan in your thumbprint and blow it up to page size and print it out.

  2. Julie,

    Have you figured out a better system for creating the thumbprint? I was looking for ideas for my new book cover and came across this and just fell in love with the idea. I love Dr Seuss. The quote you use at the very beginning, I’ve used multiple times in blog posts. It’s very powerful. I believe this style of image would be perfect for my new book cover. Any tips or advice? Thanks!

    • Hi Kimberly,

      I wish I had an update, but I haven’t figured out a way other than the method I used. I would suggest blowing up the thumbprint by a small amount first, then trace the lines with a sharpie and blow it up some more. The clearer you can keep it, the better it will be for tracing.

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