So long, summer…

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It doesn’t matter how many hours I’ve worked since June; today is my last official day of summer, and I can’t help but think of the things I’ll miss about it. If you’re not a teacher (or someone who loves a teacher), you won’t understand. That’s okay. I’m not asking you to understand. (But in the interest of full disclosure, I do kind of want to punch you in the throat when you raise a condescending eyebrow and say, “It must be nice to have summers off.”)
I’ll miss my empty DVR, my well-loved spot on the couch, and my ultra-flexible lunchtime. My heart sank a little as I put away my suitcase – leisurely travel is a summer-only luxury. I’ll miss beautifully unimportant adult conversations that don’t include any acronyms, levels, or scores, and I’ll miss the freedom to uni-task. Mostly, though, I’ll miss the feeling of being at least moderately-rested most of the time.

For as much as I’ll miss about these lovely summer days, I’m filled with eager anticipation for what’s to come. There is no time brimming with as much hope and possibility as the beginning of a new school year. It’s a fresh start (a tabula rasa, if you will) for everyone – students, teachers, parents, and everyone who loves them. And who doesn’t love a do-over? I’m excited to take another stab at changing the world this year. But for today, I will happily watch some mindless television, take an hour and a half to eat lunch (at a restaurant!) with a friend I don’t see enough, and stay up later than I should for no reason at all.

So long, Summer of 2013. Thanks for the memories.


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