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Hi friends, and happy summer!

I just finished a phone meeting with a representative from Lego Education, and I’m excited to share that they’ve sent me some of their preschool products to try. I already love the products, and I haven’t even tried them with any preschoolers yet!

Stay tuned for a post about how these Lego sets were specifically designed to support all kinds of early learning objectives.

Have a fabulous weekend!

3 thoughts on “Lego Education

  1. I just landed on your blog after searching pinterest for an hour, hoping to find some picture of literacy coaches’ classrooms! I’m wanting to try something different this year – still hunting for ideas on how to make my room more useful to teachers.

    I’m a new follower!
    Buzzing with Ms. B

  2. I have an 18-month old son and my husband is a HUGE Lego fan so we have Lego-fever in our house so I am looking forward to hearing about it! I also just went to a training you presented in CCISD and thought it was great!

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