Sweet, Sweet Spring Break

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I didn’t update this weekend because I was busy enjoying some glorious moments of nothing-ness. I’m trying my best to continue that streak for the entirety of my spring break, so it will probably be next week before I update the site. In the meantime, I’ll be adding to my reader’s notebook!

The notebook is about pushing our thinking as readers, and I’m always thinking about new ways to do that. My latest entry is about my thinking across several texts. When I looked at my reading log (yes – I keep a reading log), I noticed a trend, so I wrote about it. It’s rare that I talk about just one book at a time. As a real-world reader, I’m constantly making connections to other books when I share titles with my friends. This entry was a way to capture that thinking.


If you’re also on spring break, enjoy your time off! Even if you’re not on vacation this week, I hope you’re filling it with whatever makes you happiest.

Enjoy! 🙂