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Reading aloud to your students is one of the best gifts you can give them during the day.  It’s a chance for you to model all of the work you want them to do when they read a text, and it’s an opportunity for students to practice thinking, talking, and writing about texts. Below are some of my favorite texts for read-aloud, so chosen because they have powerful themes, strong writing (craft), and require that my students do some hard work!

Note: This list is nowhere near complete, and I promise to add to it later.  Also, don’t just take my word for it! Read these yourself and see if you connect to them, then look for lots of places from which you can teach your students.

Update (02.14.2012): I am adding some books here that don’t really fit, for lack of a better place for them.  They are of some series that you could suggest to readers on a certain level to get them hooked into some just-right books.  It only takes one “home run” book to make a life-long reader!